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Graduate studies at Central University College (CUC) began in 1999 when the School of Theology and Missions mounted the MPhil and MA degree programmes in Religious Studies. In the year 2006, the Graduate School of Business was established to offer programmes in graduate business education. The School admitted its first batch of MBA students in February, 2007.

Following the merger of the Graduate School of Business with the School of Business Management and Administration to form the Central Business School in the 2010/2011 academic year, University management approved the establishment of the School of Research and Graduate Studies, to coordinate all graduate programmes in the University.

The primary responsibilities of the School of Research and Graduate Studies is to maintain high standards and quality of graduate programmes and to co-ordinate the various graduate programmes and graduate research. The School will also facilitate the development of new graduate programmes including the MPhil and the PhD in all the Faculties/Schools of the University.


The School of Research and Graduate Studies of Central University College aspires to be a leading player in the delivery of high quality education. Its aim is to become the embodiment of academic and creative excellence resulting in scholars, researchers and practitioners committed to, and capable of continually broadening the scope of academic discourse, discovery and innovation.


The mission of the School of Research and Graduate Studies is to facilitate and enhance educational experiences and opportunities for all graduate students and to promote excellence in research and other scholarly works.


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Postgraduate Programmes

  • MPhil (Religious Studies)     
  • MA (Religious Studies)
  • MBA (Finance)   
  • MBA (Marketing)     
  • MBA (Human Resource Management)   
  • MBA (General Management)     
  • MSC Marketing, Social & Organisational Research


Business Development Centre

  • Mature Entrance Examinations
  • Marketing – (CIM) UK
  • Accounting - (ACCA) UK
  • Commercial management - (ICM) UK
  • Advanced diploma in information technology