Undergraduate Programmes

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School of Applied Sciences

Course Name Course Level Study Option
BSc. Nursing Undergraduate Full time
BSc. Physician Assistantship Undergraduate Full time 
BSc. Pharmacy  Undergraduate  Full time 
BSc. Architecture Undergraduate  Full time 
BSc. Civil Engineering Undergraduate  Full time 


Central Business School

Course Name Course Level Study Option
BSc. Management studies Undergraduate Full time
BSc. Marketing Undergraduate Full time 
BSc. Agribusiness Undergraduate  Full time 
BSc. Banking and finance Undergraduate  Full time 
BSc. Accounting Undergraduate  Full time 
BSc. Human Resource Management Undergraduate Full time 


Faculty of Arts and Social Science

Course Name Course Level Study Option
BA English Undergraduate Full time
BA French Undergraduate Full time
BA Economics Undergraduate  Full time 
BA Environmental & Development Studies Undergraduate  Full time 
BA Communication Studies
Undergraduate Full time 


School of Theology and Missions

Course Name Course Level Study Option
BA Biblical & Historic Studies  Undergraduate  Full time 
BA Christian Education  Undergraduate Full time 
BA Church Administration  Undergraduate  Full time 
BA Family Counseling and theology  Undergraduate  Full time 


Faculty of Law

Course Name Course Level Study Option
Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) Undergraduate Full time and Part Time


Postgraduate Programmes

  • MPhil (Religious Studies)     
  • MA (Religious Studies)
  • MBA (Finance)   
  • MBA (Marketing)     
  • MBA (Human Resource Management)   
  • MBA (General Management)     
  • MSC Marketing, Social & Organisational Research


Business Development Centre

  • Mature Entrance Examinations
  • Marketing – (CIM) UK
  • Accounting - (ACCA) UK
  • Commercial management - (ICM) UK
  • Advanced diploma in information technology