WOAII - History

The William Ofori-Atta Institute of Integrity (WOAII) at Central University was established in September 2011 and formally launched in April 2012. The object of the Institute is to enhance the scale of integrity and the quality of leadership and governance in Africa as a means of reducing poverty and fostering social development on the continent. The Institute seeks to achieve this end by promoting integrity and Christian-centered ethics in the pursuit of research, teaching, knowledge-sharing and training for excellence in governance and leadership. The Institute is designed to bring together seasoned real-world professionals, a dynamic faculty, and a comprehensive curriculum to train the next generation of transformational leaders to power development across Africa.

The core business of WOAII is the production of sterling generational thinkers imbued with integrity and the requisite values and skills for mobilizing others to envision and realize a better future and to excel and rank among the world’s best leaders. In this regard, the Institute will offer a stimulating environment for outstanding research and teaching in integrity, sterling leadership and governance by individuals determined to excel and rank among the world’s best leaders. It will also offer a practical and scholarly environment for the historical study of the biographies of individuals whose lives significantly impacted their societies.

The WOAII is named after the late William Eugene Amoako-Atta Ofori-Atta (1910–1988), a devout Christian and a revered politician. Mr. Ofori-Atta “towered as a moral leader par excellence whom the majority of Ghanaians respected and honoured without apology”, the WOAII is committed to promoting leadership and governance practices based on sound Christian values, solid integrity, proper preparation, drive and industry


The WOAII aims to be the first-class tertiary institution for research and training in transformative Christian-centered leadership and governance in Ghana and throughout Africa, employing outstanding and highly-motivated, short-sleeve ace faculty and appropriate technology and facilities.

The WOAII’s mission is to contribute to socio-economic development through the development of a Christian-oriented workforce ingrained with or who embrace the values of high integrity, sound leadership and governance for results. A broad-based institute of research, teaching and learning, the WOAII aims at infusing African society with the kind of leadership and governance principles and habits that made “Paa Willie” a celebrated Christian leader, one of Ghana’s most respected statesmen of all time and of unequalled integrity.





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Postgraduate Programmes

  • MPhil (Religious Studies)     
  • MA (Religious Studies)
  • MBA (Finance)   
  • MBA (Marketing)     
  • MBA (Human Resource Management)   
  • MBA (General Management)     
  • MSC Marketing, Social & Organisational Research


Business Development Centre

  • Mature Entrance Examinations
  • Marketing – (CIM) UK
  • Accounting - (ACCA) UK
  • Commercial management - (ICM) UK
  • Advanced diploma in information technology