Revised Fee Payment Policy

 Effective 2016/17 Academic Year


Introduction of Flexible Fee Payment Regime

Central University is introducing a new and flexible fee payment regime to enable students and parents better manage their school fee obligations. There are four payment options. Each of these options is open to both freshmen and continuing students.


OPTION 1: 1OO%| Payment

  • Full Payment of Fees – A student may opt to pay 100% of fees owed at the start of the semester.


OPTION 2: 50-25-25

Under this scheme, a student may pay fees due as follows:

  • 50% at the start of the semester during registration
  • 25% one month after the date of reopening
  • 25% before the Friday preceding revision week.


OPTION 3: Special Payment Contract

A parent, guardian or student can apply for a flexible payment contract with the Pro Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. Such a contract shall state the payment terms and be securitised with bank standing order, direct debit order or post dated cheques.


OPTION 4: Students with arrears

Students who owe fees from previous semesters shall discharge their obligations as follows:

  • 50% of the entire amount due shall be paid at the start of the semester as part of the first week registration process
  • 6 equal monthly payments of the outstanding balance shall be made by standing order, direct debit or bank draft (NO PRIVATE CHEQUES). The monthly payments shall be discharged calculated from the 30th of the month which follows the reopening of the university for the semester
  • Authority for payment of outstanding fees from previous semesters according to this regime shall be granted by the Pro vice Chancellor on application to that office.


Note on Fee Penalty:

The school fee penalty system has been abolished. However any fees outstanding at the end of any semester shall attract a monthly interest fee of 5%. There is no redress or negotiation of interest accrued.





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