Civil Engineering


The Department of Civil Engineering offers engineering training that covers five broad areas leading to the Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering. The areas covered are: structural engineering; geotechnical engineering; water resources engineering; transportation engineering; and environmental engineering. This reporting period marks the first year of the Department’s operation.

To transform the practice of civil engineering by producing highly competent and well-grounded professionals, driven by integrity and innovation to deliver engineering excellence.

To train engineers with a holistic outlook by complementing the knowledge and understanding of civil engineering principles with practical skills that will make our graduates fully functional as problem solvers.



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Postgraduate Programmes

  • MPhil (Religious Studies)     
  • MA (Religious Studies)
  • MBA (Finance)   
  • MBA (Marketing)     
  • MBA (Human Resource Management)   
  • MBA (General Management)     
  • MSC Marketing, Social & Organisational Research


Business Development Centre

  • Mature Entrance Examinations
  • Marketing – (CIM) UK
  • Accounting - (ACCA) UK
  • Commercial management - (ICM) UK
  • Advanced diploma in information technology