Physician Assistantship

Brief Background

The doctor-patient ratio in Ghana and indeed many parts of Africa is low. The effects of brain drain can be felt in almost all professions, and more so in the medical profession. This, coupled with the long period of training needed to produce a single doctor and the limited capacity of providing institutions, makes it imperative that a more cost effective, rapid and effective solution be found to the problem of scarcity of medical personnel. It is with this in mind that Central University College introduced the Bachelor of Science in Physician Assistantship. 

The CUC Physician Assistantship  Programme is premised on the Christian educational philosophy that the church has a duty to partner the Government of Ghana (GoG) in providing deliberate and co-ordinated educational opportunities that equip the youth of this country to participate in interventions aimed at solving the health problems of the nation. Our philosophy is therefore Problem Solving Intervention.

The objectives of the programme are to train graduates who will possess the ability to evaluate the health status of an individual, diagnose and treat acute illness as well as life saving interventions, manage chronic diseases, deliver preventive care and counsel individuals on psychosocial problems in collaboration with a physician.


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Postgraduate Programmes

  • MPhil (Religious Studies)     
  • MA (Religious Studies)
  • MBA (Finance)   
  • MBA (Marketing)     
  • MBA (Human Resource Management)   
  • MBA (General Management)     
  • MSC Marketing, Social & Organisational Research


Business Development Centre

  • Mature Entrance Examinations
  • Marketing – (CIM) UK
  • Accounting - (ACCA) UK
  • Commercial management - (ICM) UK
  • Advanced diploma in information technology