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Some Research Articles (Abstracts and Full Articles)

  • Effect of Cross Border Trade on Food Security:Towards Sustainable Food Security in Central West Africa (Abstract and Full Article)
  • Maize Market Co-integration: A Case Study of Maize Marketing in Ghana (Abstract and Article)
  • Understanding Institutional Arrangements in the Maize Value Chains in Ghana (Abstract and Full Article)
  • Equity implications for reforms in the financing and delivery of agricultural extension services-Ghana Case study (Abstract and Full Article)
  • An Examination of Cash Management Practices among Retail Businesses in Ghana (Abstract and Full Article)
  • Ensuring accountability in state-owned enterprises (soes): examining the role of annual reports from a middle income country’s perspective (Abstract and Full Article)
  • Examining the differences in Profitability Determinants between Foreign and Local Banks in Ghana (Abstract and Full Article)
  • Review of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Corporate Governance Activities in Ghana (Abstract and Full Article)
  • The impact of career choice on job satisfaction among employees in Ghana (Abstract and Full Article)
  • Surviving employees’ perception of downsizing and its Impact on their job involvement and job security: the Ghanaian experience (Abstract and Full Article)
  • Performance-based pay as a motivational tool for achieving Organizational performance: an exploratory case study (Abstract and Full Article)
  • The Impact of Money on Joining, Continuing and Leaving Behaviours of Employees of Selected Ghanaian Organizations (Abstract and Full Article)
  • Effect of employee training on the perceived organizational Performance: A case study of the print media industry in Ghana (Abstract and Full Article)
  • Influences of Total Quality Management on the Performance of Small and Medium Enterprises in Ghana (Full Article)
  • The Global Management Journal
  • The Impact of Career Choice on Job Satisfaction among Employees in Ghana (Full Article)
  • CSR and Education : The Ghanaian and African Perspective (Full Article)
  • The Realities about Corporate Social Responsibilty Activities of Mobile Telecommunication Firms in Ghana (Full Article)


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