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Discipleship And Mentorship Unit

Discipleship and Mentorship Section (D&M)

This section is responsible for the coordination of the Chaplaincy’s D-12 programme. This programme is a discipleship programme which entails the establishment of small accountability groups whose membership does not exceed 12 for the purposes of Bible Studies, Prayer and Mentorship.

The leader of a D-12 group is to show by example virtuous Christian living. Out of his group members should be able to establish their own D-12 group after a year of discipleship. The thrust of the programme is 2 Timothy 2:1-2 and Mathew 28:18-20. The programme seeks to transform lives through deliberate mentorship. 

The groups have been clustered into areas led by area leaders who are students in level 200 and above. 

Coordination of this programme entails the following:

  1. Ensuring that D-12 groups meet every week by receiving weekly reports from leaders
  2. Facilitate the establishment of new D-12 groups
  3. Arrange training programmes for new groups and area leaders
  4. Facilitate joint meetings for the groups for retreats and breaking of bread
  5. Facilitate training programmes for all support groups within the chaplaincy


Counseling and Pastoral Care Section (C&PC)

The Counseling and Pastoral care section coordinates all the counseling services and pastoral care activities for students and staff by the Chaplaincy. Through this section the Chaplaincy provides healing and nourishment (both spiritual and emotional) to members of the university community. 

The activities and services provided through this section include:

  1. Spiritual Counseling – dealing with spiritually related challenges
  2. Emotional and Psychological counseling – help student cope with emotional and psychological challenges
  3. Family counseling – caters for student’s family and relationship challenges
  4. Visitation – Regular chaplaincy visits to students in the hostels to check on them. Visits to sick students in hospitals and sometimes in their homes.
  5. Provision of emotional support for bereaved students 
  6. Assistance to needy and challenged students.
  7. Coordination of peer counseling programme for students
  8.  Serving in certain instances as interface  between academic counselors and students

The section tabs into the skills and expertise other staff members who have professional counseling background to support in the provision of these services.



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