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Research Publications


Research Publications

The Central University prides itself in a high calibre faculty who dedicate their time not only to teaching students but also engaging in research to add knowledge to our world. CU's faculty research into virgin areas as well as areas of great concern to the nation and the world at large. Some of the research areas include Religion, Health, Science, Communication, Media, Economics and Agriculture. The research is conducted meticulously to ensure that the empirical evidence can be trusted. 


Central Business School

Some Research Articles (Abstracts and Full Articles)

  • Effect of Cross Border Trade on Food Security:Towards Sustainable Food Security in Central West Africa (Abstract and Full Article)
  • Maize Market Co-integration: A Case Study of Maize Marketing in Ghana (Abstract and Article)
  • Understanding Institutional Arrangements in the Maize Value Chains in Ghana (Abstract and Full Article)
  • Equity implications for reforms in the financing and delivery of agricultural extension services-Ghana Case study (Abstract and Full Article)
  • An Examination of Cash Management Practices among Retail Businesses in Ghana (Abstract and Full Article)
  • Ensuring accountability in state-owned enterprises (soes): examining the role of annual reports from a middle income country’s perspective (Abstract and Full Article)
  • Examining the differences in Profitability Determinants between Foreign and Local Banks in Ghana (Abstract and Full Article)
  • Review of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Corporate Governance Activities in Ghana (Abstractand Full Article)
  • The impact of career choice on job satisfaction among employees in Ghana (Abstract and Full Article)
  • Surviving employees’ perception of downsizing and its Impact on their job involvement and job security: the Ghanaian experience (Abstract and Full Article)
  • Performance-based pay as a motivational tool for achieving Organizational performance: an exploratory case study (Abstract and Full Article)
  • The Impact of Money on Joining, Continuing and Leaving Behaviours of Employees of Selected Ghanaian Organizations (Abstract and Full Article)
  • Effect of employee training on the perceived organizational Performance: A case study of the print media industry in Ghana (Abstract and Full Article)
  • Influences of Total Quality Management on the Performance of Small and Medium Enterprises in Ghana (Full Article)
  • The Global Management Journal 
  • The Impact of Career Choice on Job Satisfaction among Employees in Ghana (Full Article)
  • CSR and Education : The Ghanaian and African Perspective (Full Article)
  • The Realities about Corporate Social Responsibilty Activities of Mobile Telecommunication Firms in Ghana (Full Article)

Applied Sciences

Some Research Articles (Abstracts and Full Articles)

  • Survival and Longevity of Gamma Irradiated (Abstract and Full Article)
  • Simultaneous determination of lithium, sodium and potassium in blood serum by flame photometric flow-injection analysis (Abstract and Full Article)
  • Further studies into the develFopment of a micro – FIA system based electroosmotic flow for the determination of phosphate as orthophosphate (Abstract and Full Article)
  • Electric field-induced mobilization of multiphase solution systems based on the nitration of benzene in a micro reactor (Abstract and Full Article)
  • Preliminary studies into the direct interfacing of a microreactor to a gas chromatographic instrument (Abstract and Full Article)
  • Microbubble beam (MBB), A potential dispersion mechanism for multiphase gas – Liquid microreactor systems (Abstract and Full Article)
  • On micro-chip multiphase chemistry – a review of microreactor design principles and reagent contacting modes (Abstract and Full Article)
  • Key issues on occupational health and safety practices in Ghana: A review (Abstract and Full Article)
  • Employee  health and safety practices: An exploratory and comparative study of the shipping and manufacturing industries in Ghana (Abstract and Full Article)
  • Impact of Health and Safety Management on Employee Safety at the Ghana Ports and Harbour Authority (Full Article)


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