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Student Pre-Arrival Information

Pre-Arrival Information

Dear International Student, you are welcome to Central University!

As you join us, you are guaranteed an offer of accommodation at the University’s Hostel.


When and how should I make payment of my tuition fee?

You make payment of your tuition fee as soon as you receive an admission offer.

International students paying fees from abroad could pay via wire transfer into our Ecobank account with the details below.

Students’ information required as part of the transfer information is:

Fresh students            -    Student’s name and applicant ID, (Semester 1 only)

Continuing students   -    Student’s name and registration number (ID number)



ACCOUNT NAME:    Central Univ. College Foreign Collection

BANKERS             :     Ecobank Ghana Ltd

BRANCH              :      Tudu Branch

ADDRESS             :      7TH Avenue Ridge West, PMB GPO, Accra.

TELEPHONE       :      0302-681146/8

ACCOUNT Nº     :       0049104402563703



Important note:    Nigerians, in particular, are advised to use Ecobank Nigeria, since the transfer takes only a day, as compared to other banks which take between 2 to 5 working days.


How to Find Us

  •  Miotso Campus

Miotso campus is situated on the Tema-Aflao road. Close to Dawhenya. From Tema Motorway round about, it is easy to get taxis to Central University.


  • Christ Temple campus

Christ Temple campus is within walking distance or a short taxi ride from the Kaneshi market on the Circle-Abossey Okai- Ayigbe town road.

When can I apply for accommodation?

If you have firmly accepted an Admission offer to study with us, you should apply for accommodation on or before 30th September. It is in your interest to apply as soon as possible as our allocations are based on a “first-come-first-served” base.

What is the cost of accommodation?

Our hostel fees are as follows:

Female Hostel on Miosto Campus

  • 4 occupants per room    Ghs3100*per student per year. 

      Minimum payment before Allocation of rooms Ghs1860*

  • 3 occupants per room    -     Ghs4000*per student per year. 
  •      Minimum payment before Allocation of rooms Ghs 2400.00*

  • 2 occupants per room    -     Ghs5000*per student per year. 

     Minimum payment before Allocation of rooms Ghs 3000.00*


Male Hostel on Miosto Campus

  • 4 occupants per room    Ghs 2600*per student per year. 

      Minimum payment before Allocation of rooms Ghs1950*

  • 3 occupants per room   Ghs3500 *per student per year. 

      Minimum payment before Allocation of rooms Ghs2650*

  •   2 occupants per room    -     Ghs5200*per student per year. 

     Minimum payment before Allocation of rooms Ghs 3900.00*

PLEASE NOTE:      GH¢ 200.00 worth of electricity units is provided per student per year. Occupants will pay electricity usage in excess of the above indicated amount.


When and how can I make payment? 

To secure your accommodation on campus, you need to make payment to the following bank accounts (according to your gender) immediately you receive your admission letter and send a proof of payment (scanned bank receipt) to


Name:     ICGC Students Hostel (Males only) 


Dollar Account Name:     ICGC STUDENTS HOSTEL – USD 

Dollar Account Number:     0399104412754801

Swift Code:    ECOCGHAC


Name:     Pronto Hostel (Females only) 


Dollar Account Name:     Pronto Supplies and Construction – 

USD Dollar Accounts Number:     0242000280042 

Swift Code:     PUBKGHAC 

Note: The hostel fees could also be paid in the Ghana Cedis (GH¢) equivalent. However, before you make payment you should call the numbers below to find out the prevailing dollar rate to the Ghana Cedi. 

ICGC Hostel - +233 0550194375

Pronto Hostel - +233 0552855660


Can I send luggage separately? 

NO. You can only send luggage once you have checked into your University accommodation as we do not have storage facilities.

What if I arrive early? 

If you do decide to arrive earlier than your accommodation contract's start date, you should be aware that it can be difficult and expensive to find short-term accommodation. If you plan to arrive in Ghana prior to the University’s reopening date, let us know about it 48 hours ahead so as to help you secure a temporary accommodation. 


Do I need to bring anything with me? 

Students living in the University's hostels are required to provide their own bedding (sheets, pillowcases and blankets). The hostels are self-catering and students will need to bring crockery, (cups, plates, dishes and cooking utensils). Please note that you can also purchase every needed item in Ghana.


What if I arrive late?

We advise that you avoid getting to Ghana late. However, if for any reason you will be arriving late, please call the Centre for International Relations and Programmes (CIRP) during working hours for assistance before you leave home. We are opened from Monday - Friday, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

You can also call us on any of the following numbers:  +233 (0) 307 02 05 37   /   +233 (0) 303 31 85 81  


Information for parents/guardians


Dear parent/guardians, 


Should you accompany your ward/child to CU and need a temporary accommodation, we can arrange to get you a place to lodge, not too far from the University. Prices range from GH¢ 40.00* per day to GH¢ 303.00*


Kindly get in touch with us at any of the above contacts should the need arise. 

Being a foreigner in Ghana

Once on campus, please make sure to come to the Centre for International Relations and Programmes (CIRP) to apply for your residence permit. The Centre is dedicated to assist you in every way possible (academically, socially and spiritually) for you to settle down and continue your education serenely at CU.

Requirement by the Ghana Immigration Service for Residence Permit

  • A photocopy of your Non-Citizen Card (The Non-Citizen card cost $ 120.00. The Ghana Cedis equivalence is accepted) 
  • A photocopy of the data page of your passport
  • A photocopy of your admission letter  
  • A photocopy of your current tuition fees receipt 
  • 3 passport pictures 
  • A valid passport (6 months valid at least) 
  • GH¢ 150.00 for Ghana Immigration processing fee for ECOWAS countries
  • GH¢ 200.00 for Ghana Immigration processing fee for Non ECOWAS Countries


Please note that it takes between two (2) weeks and one month for your permit to be processed.

  • ¬    Penalty to pay for expired permit

When you are entering Ghana, whether through the airport or any of our borders, your passport is normally stamped by immigration officers and certain number of days given to you to exit the country. If for any reason, you exceed the number of days given to you, you will pay the following fine to the Ghana Immigration Services:

  •  ECOWAS Countries:     GH¢ 60.00 / month (if you hold previous residence permit)

GHÈ» 80.00 / month (if you have never done a residence permit)

  • Non ECOWAS Countries: GH¢ 80.00 / month (if u hold a previous residence permit)

    GH¢100.00 / month (if you have never done a residence permit)


        Note:       The Non –Citizen Card is a mandatory requirement from the Government of Ghana. The Non-Citizen Ghana card shall be used for all transactions that require identification. Foreign nationals who do not have the Non-Citizen card will not be allowed to apply for their Residence Permit,  register SIM cards for telephones, open bank accounts, acquire driver’s license or even have access to other essential services in the country. The Non-Citizen Card costs  $120.00  or its Ghana Cedi equivalent.

    This card can be acquired instantly at any CAL Bank Branch in Ghana or at the National Identification Authority Head office at Tetteh Quarshie near the Gulf House.


For more information, contact the Centre for International Relations and Programmes on the Miotso campus on the following numbers: +233 (0) 307 02 05 37 / +233 (0) 303 31 85 81  


* All amounts stated above are subject to change without notice


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