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Dr. Doku obtained his 1st degree in chemistry and Masters in Analytical Chemistry from the University of Cape Coast (UCC, Ghana) under the supervision of Professor B.A. Dadson and Professor V.P.Y. Gadzekpo.  Between 1992-95, he was a Lecturer and a Chemical Consultant at UCC.  He was a renowned ‘A’ level chemistry tutor and examiner for over twenty five years, and was the main brain behind a high ‘A’ level chemistry performance in St. Augustines College (Cape coast) and many other places in Ghana.  

He obtained his Doctorate (PhD) degree in Microanalytical and Clinical chemistry, with Commonwealth Scholarship, from the University of Hull (UK) in 2000, under the supervision of Professor S.J. Haswell. After a one year post-doc in the UK, he’s worked as a Director of Microchemistry Projects with Professor Dr. Ir. A. van den Berg of Microtechnology at the Department of Biomedical Engineering of the MESA+Research Institute in the Netherlands (2001-2004). 

Dr. Doku has been a presenter of many scientific papers at international conferences in the UK, US, Canada, Holland and other European countries.  His present interest is chemistry for health and the design and application of Lab-on-Chip microreactor systems.  He is the author of many chemistry books and many scientific publications in popular international journals.  Dr. Doku is currently a senior lecturer of the Central University School of health sciences in Ghana.


Area of Specialty: MicroAnalytical & Clinical Chemistry.

Research Areas: 1. Chemistry for health.  

                             2. Design, development and optimization of operational characteristics of Lab-on-Chip microreactor systems.


Recent publications

(1) Central Inquiry, ‘Preliminary Studies into the Degree of Molybdenum Blue Interference among Complex-Anion Water Pollutants, Towards On-Chip Micro-FIA Simultaneous Spectrophotometric Determination’, 2016, 2(1), 120.

(2) Sch. J. App. Med. Sci., ‘Distribution of ABO blood group/Rhesus factor in the Eastern Region of Ghana, towards effective blood bank inventory’, 2017, 5(3B), 821-826.



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