Has expertise in the teaching of all aspects of human anatomy to medical and allied health sciences students. Higher education spans across four universities in three different countries. Prior to joining the Department of Physician Assistantship Studies at Central University in September 2018, he has had more than a decade of teaching and research experiences from several universities in Ghana and South Africa, both on full and part-time bases. Holds a PhD degree in Clinical Anatomy & Cell Biology from the University of Cape Town Medical School, South Africa and Fellowship Certificate from the West African College of Morphologists (FWACM - Anatomy Option).

Research interests: 

  •     Neurobiology of the musculoskeletal system with focus on the structure and function of postural muscles in children with spastic type cerebral palsy.
  •     Relationship between trunk musculature and the provision of posture and pelvic stability (ultrastructural and imaging techniques of investigating trunk musculature).
  •     Human body/structure and function in relation to medical imaging.
  •     Pedagogy of teaching the human body/structure and function to healthcare professionals (anatomical and medical education). 
  •     Environmentally-friendly methods of embalming/preservation of human remains.

Recent publications:  

  •     ADJENTI SK, LOUW GJ, JELSMA J, UNGER M. An electromyographic study of abdominal muscle activity in children with spastic cerebral.  South African Journal of Physiotherapy 2017; 73 (1): a341.
  •     ADJENTI SK, LOUW GJ, JELSMA J, UNGER M: An ultrasonographic analysis of the activation patterns of abdominal muscles in children with spastic type cerebral palsy and in typically developing individuals: a comparative study.  BMC Archives of              

                        Physiotherapy (2018) 8: 9.

  •     ADJENTI SK, LOUW GJ, JELSMA J, UNGER M: Ultrastructural revelation of the nature of pennation in the abdominal muscles of children with spastic type cerebral palsy (STCP): implication for force generation. Journal of Musculoskeletal Research vol. 21      

                        (2) (2018) 1850008; 1 – 12

  •     KALMONI Y, ADDAI FK, ADJENTI SK, Adutwum-Ofosu KK, Ahenkorah J, Hottor BA et. al. Light microscopic morphology of Indigenous Ghanaian African hair from scalp, eyebrow, axilla, and pubic regions. Int. J. Trichol 2019; 11: 8 – 13. https://DOI:   10.4103/ijt_70_18
  •     BLAY MR, ADJENTI KS, ADUTWUM-OFOSU KK, HOTTOR AB, AHENKORAH J, ARKO-BOHAM B, et al. Natural cocoa inhibits maternal hypercholesterolaemia-induced atherogenesis in rabbit pups. Cardiovasc J Afr 2019; 30: 1 – 8 online publication.  https://DOI: 10.5830/CVJA-2019-019 


Contact details: / 

Cell: 00233(0)243 429 645. 



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